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Four trends in the retail sector in 2009

new business models, new values, new home shopping way of life, this is the shop No. 1 online supermarket location! According to market consulting report: 2008 Chinese B2C e-commerce growth rate is 200%, will reach 400% in 2009, when a new batch of e-commerce in China booming, shop No. 1

online supermarket came into being!

for Contemporary Chinese white-collar workers, to go shopping in the supermarket has become a headache thing, traffic jams, queuing checkout so that the pressure of working young workers increasingly reluctant to go to the supermarket. 1 shop online supermarket to bring customers a new way of life: as long as a few clicks of the mouse or pick up the phone, we will be able to deliver the daily needs of customers. Shop No. 1 online supermarket covers food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen cleaning, baby toys, household appliances and other five categories, Home Furnishing kinds of goods, that is to say, in addition to fresh, daily necessities supermarket you can buy in the shop No. 1 online supermarket.


advantage: online sales growth accelerated

statistics show that in China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 492 billion yuan, respectively, $440 billion, $740 billion, 10000 billion yuan, $17000, in 2008 more than 20000 yuan. Engaged in online sales of 2007 turnover of more than 43 billion 300 million yuan, this data is far higher than the Huarun vanguard, Carrefour, Wumart (Chinese area) and other domestic large chain retailers, only domestic commercial sales of most Bailian group. Taobao released figures show that in 2007 reached 53 million users, more than 9 million independent users per day, per capita consumption of up to $817.

online sales explosive growth mainly includes four aspects.

first, the price is relatively cheap.

, such as shop No. 1 online supermarket to provide customers with the value of the two: first, the supermarket is also cheaper than the rich products; the two is free door-to-door. With the advent of the global financial crisis, online shopping will increasingly become an effective way to save consumer spending.

second, the third party payment solution to the problem of online shopping people worry about credit.

this is also an important reason for the hot online shopping, people began to ease the risk of payment after the release of shopping, thus bringing great opportunities for the development of online shopping.

third, online shopping for the growing number of educated young people love.

official data released in the first half of 2008 is: China’s Internet users have more than 220 million people, ranking first in the world, of which more than 35 years old accounted for more than 80%, college degree or above, more than 90% people online. In addition, e-commerce can better meet the individual needs of consumers, and therefore welcomed by young people.

fourth, traditional business for

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