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The thunder advertising alliance to send PSP Hello quickly rob

for Adsense, recently the most sensational thing in the world is the thunder Advertising Alliance launched the new platform, multi-function, advertising to make money; but more sensational than this, of course is not only money, but also to take the prize.

now, the thunder advertising alliance officially launched, launched the "no more than anyone who, only who earn more money" race activities, as long as you join the advertising alliance advertising, by calculating your advertising average thousand show hits from the daily ranking, in the final period of 15 day money race activities in the average thousand show produced the most hits will be SONY PSP awards, and other awards, winning probability is very high.

thunderbolt alliance the latest online advertising alliance is committed to providing advertisers and web sites to provide network advertising and marketing services, through different advertising and divided into form, make the advertisers and site owners to achieve win-win advertising distribution platform; the early hidden line, has been highly attention and support thousands of webmaster. Some webmaster put through advertising alliance daily can get commission income, this event is to tell more webmaster, Internet advertising rookie webmaster Teng airborne world, money must not be missed; plus SONY PSP alliance in frozen warehouse, already itching to find a master, so, want. It will quickly come to rob


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