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Taobao promotion strategy for Christmas

during the festive season, especially hot couples dress dresses, so how to grasp the good opportunity, seize the opportunity to earn the cost of the Spring Festival, sweet love planning departments, and a number of senior sales service for all weapon, we summarize several marketing strategies, especially useful.

one: Through Train + spike special promotions

love to engage in special offer seckill activities of friends, in this Christmas and New Year Festival Eve will not be missed, set 5-10 (special offer seckill limit discounts, discounted at the same time can be set 20 5-10 seckill products, reduce the discount, other styles can also be appropriate discount), and set the recommended window, shop your flow will have a sales volume increase, it depends on the skills, there may be children of wholesale orders Oh, children on Christmas Day special units to engage in activities.


has opened the car through a friend, you can also do the spike style car, the conversion efficiency will be higher, sales steadily.

two: SWILOV brand clothes for 200 a

receive the exquisite Christmas gift

Christmas is approaching, a gift is essential, we have sweet love for everyone to prepare a gift for delivery, where the purchase of SWILOV brand clothing more than 200 yuan, can be a free gift (the members on the site of a SWILOV order children send a gift), activity over time in the new year’s festival. Specific operations can be described in the clothing to add text or picture description, in addition to the home page can also increase the activities of the introduction, examples are as follows:


gifts require guests to take gifts baby oh, so you can increase the credibility of the road you will be increasingly smooth drilling.

three: collection or collection that is reduced by 1 yuan or $2

is one of the important elements of Taobao search rankings, while also can become a way to get a discount of the guests, we can carry out the collection of ritual activities, your baby is likely to become a full when Taobao’s sales champion. We have collected some pictures for you to choose from:



more pictures please search online, thank you!

access to the store’s code please view:

1 right click "store" button;


2 copy of the address part of the content, is your store collection of the link code.


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