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ntegrity swearing can end derivative chaos The platform is responsible for legal supervision

recently, in China micro business integrity and the integrity of the swearing in ceremony brand news conference, ten year old founder Wu Qiao bin, Si Bu Group Chairman Wu Zhaoguo and other ten major brands have "micro leader integrity micro business platform, announced in May 19th will be officially opened the prelude to Chinese micro business integrity swearing in Guangzhou. According to the meeting to disclose the data, after a year of brutal growth, micro business practitioners surged from 10 million to 20 million, the quality of employees short-term surge uneven in quality, in the face of external challenge, derivative of the whole industry is facing a huge crisis of faith. The swearing in ceremony at the great in strength and impetus of "fake" and "security" and "no rights" and the derivative of chaos, the walls of the people waving the banner of good faith to solve the "growing pains".

industry to strengthen the integrity of the crisis

"from September 2013 to September 2014 is a derivative of the germination stage, many micro brands realize grass root counterattack from 2014; but the beginning of September, micro business began to enter the" micro "era, more and more traditional brands are entering the micro business; now, the derivative must enter integrity management stage". Fang Zhengyu, chairman of the micro business Specialized Committee believes that part of the non-standard behavior of micro enterprises are seriously affecting the credibility of the industry as a whole, urgent need to regulate.

in fact, the development of micro business has touched the nerve, the mainstream media continue to focus on and expose, drug administration and local administration increased sampling of micro brands, CCTV news channel "news broadcast" derivative exposure mask chaos, ten year old beauty and Si Bu group said the mask was counterfeit innocent the "lie" in the eyes of consumers, "derivative" became a derogatory term, the rapid development of the micro business itself is back.

oath integrity, is the hope of all micro traders. After experiencing barbaric growth period, this year’s Micro micro credit business Demons and monsters danced like mad., crumbling. We hope that this industry will become a regular, really cause national concern." Si Bu Group Chairman Wu Zhaoguo said in the country does not have formal legislation before, can only rely on industry self-regulation, the industry has had a lot of WeChat to promote the development of standardization of the market, try to create a healthy micro business ecosystem.

the day before taking micro swearing in ceremony press conference, Chinese Commercial Federation China derivative industry expert seminar cum "China derivative traceability information inspection logo launch ceremony was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Preparatory Committee for the China derivative industry alliance and the national commodity inspection traceability information platform reached a strategic cooperation, Chinese derivative industry alliance traceability information label inspection will be through the real name registration to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

in the March 15th consumer protection day, also by the Chinese National Federation of micro sponsored brand cosmetics industry association ", the ideal – Chinese quality micro business forum held in Beijing, marketing norms and self-discipline and other issues on the stage of the industry chaos, derivative are studied discussion. In addition, the meeting also read the "China cosmetics line"

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