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The country’s first venture capital Taobao shop flower falls Shenzhen

‘s first venture capital investment in Taobao shop flower fall Shenzhen. Reporters learned yesterday, a Taobao in the name of Fontbleau shop opened in Shenzhen on the beginning of nearly ten million yuan venture capital!


is located in Shenzhen Shekou shop was established in June this year, the registered capital of 1 million 600 thousand, for 25 ~ 35 years old women in the office has created a means full of French women’s brand Fontbleau. Relevant responsible person told the reporter shop, the shop with different customer and other self sales platform of the company, they are ready to go the other way: first from the homemade clothing brand started, sales by Taobao and pat shop, and plans to build its own brand of women’s franchise launched online shopping mall – net stunner in 1 years.

why choose this just the "birth" of the Shenzhen shop thriving will be favored by the venture? Was this shop is a senior figure from the Internet, the senior industry bigwigs think network garment industry to get VCs favor, must be the Internet with the traditional combination of team experience. "Our core team has 5 ~ 10 years of Internet experience, both in network operations, network promotion is in the area of customer service is responsible for professional personnel, this is also an important reason we are optimistic about the venture. Similarly, it is not easy to find a suitable venture capital. Really understand China’s e-commerce venture capital is still not too much, learn to refuse is very important."

experts believe that the online shopping market, her economy is hot is the main reason for this venture optimistic about the cause. According to released the latest "2009-2010 annual report" in the popular online shopping China City, become the most popular items of clothing, dress is no suspense to become the ten largest city online shopping consumption hot commodities first. With venture capital and management support, women’s clothing store operations will be more standardized and professional development of the road. Ma Yunceng said: in the future, Taobao shop will be born in the listed companies, this is not a dream." With the first phase of the venture was born in the shop, perhaps soon after the birth of the first listed company in the shop, will no longer be a dream.

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