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Jingdong to promote the book struck again not crazy hoard too late

crazy Jingdong 618 coming! Jingdong 618 quality Carnival big promotion has lasted for half a month, from the beginning of June 17th, the Jingdong of audio books will launch a new round of big promotion activities, people love reading and music together with Jingdong crazy! 17 days to 20 days, the Jingdong owned audio books hundreds of thousands of varieties of each category introduced a full 150 yuan minus 50 yuan, is not capped; at the same time limit launch of three kinds of intensity self book audience can use coupons; two kinds of promotion overlay, maximum discount up over 300 yuan by 200 yuan.


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· "Ode to joy; Edition (set of 3 volumes)", "global history from prehistory to the twenty-first Century (Seventh Edition Chinese Edition Volume One)", "Hawking classics trilogy set: universe + Design + a brief history of time in a Nutshell (set of 3 volumes)", "super IP: Internet new species methodology" "I am a doctor doctor: do not say you do not understand", "hard" fitness, fitness Square: "World of Warcraft Chronicle English original World of Warcraft chronicles"…… Many best-selling quality books in every 150 yuan to reduce the activity of $50. Meanwhile, during the event will be limited to three kinds of efforts in PC and APP Coupons: full of minus $100, a full 200 yuan minus $100, a full 200 yuan minus $60. Full discount promotions and coupons activities, you can enjoy superimposed.

, for example, the reader in the event featured in the selection of Jingdong to participate in the sale of the full price of 300 yuan of self owned books and audio-visual products, add shopping cart, the system automatically relief of $100. If the reader in PC or APP to grab 200 yuan 100 yuan coupons, can also be exempt from 100 yuan, the final payment amount is only 100 yuan. That is, on the basis of Jingdong price hit 66% off.

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explosive materials in full on the basis of more special offer, Liu Qiangdong first signed works "Liu Qiangdong readme: my business model" APP exclusive price 22 yuan, you have not seen the world’s most simple recipe book "the Western-style food" WeChat exclusive price 89 yuan.

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