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Foreign trade website traffic analysis of high conversion rate is the last word

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company published an article is not much, because has been focused on their own foreign trade website traffic analysis, there are many foreign friends first must think of a foreign trade website, high flow and stable IP can bring many orders to their own, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, flow, the ranking is good, not necessarily independent IP site volume is good, perhaps one day not a single, on the contrary, a lot of foreign independent website, a day thirty several IP, but basically can also Laishijiershi orders, the conversion rate is quite amazing, so easy to see too many examples the.

then orders to do a high conversion rate of foreign websites, we want to do? According to a recent search summary, also have some experience, to take this opportunity to share with you.

first, website promotion accuracy

this a lot of people may not be very concerned about, that my foreign trade website from the site to promote, as long as a large number of the chain. High quality of the chain, and then write some articles on it. Actually otherwise, we do in the chain, the chain to do these analysis this place will not be people who want to see, such as you do the UGG mountain boots, or wedding dress for the promotion of UGG, you must first think of some clothing forum, or a professional clothing website, wedding dress you can think of promotion to some high-end wedding services such as the forum, so the accuracy is relatively high.

second, a good user experience of foreign trade website


for example, if you buy goods in a website, the website for a long time they are not open, even after opening is garbled, then you are willing to buy goods in the above payment, I believe you? I’m afraid not many dare to do so, because if a company even the most the basic web service is not good, where high-quality goods and services? For this, foreigners also have such a view! So we choose the host must choose foreign host, don’t complain that the web server configuration what the foreign cannot read, in fact foreign host in this regard for your consideration is perfect, just like ixwebhosting the same host, not only opened the official Chinese station (, also supports Alipay payment, more sharp is provided Chinese customer service! To do foreign trade station conversion rate, the host is worth considering.

third, adhere to the long tail keywords ranking

When many foreign trade company to contact the webmaster

to everyone in the popular keywords like a swarm of bees, get together to promote, not knowing that the results are not good for anyone, and will be more difficult to do, now Google search users search habits have been slowly began to change, the search mode in Google intelligent constant, we do keywords >

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