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n 2014 the 800 thousand advertisers Taobao alliance will be divided into an average daily break of

April 8th news, China’s largest e-commerce professional marketing platform of Taobao alliance officially announced, through the daily trading volume has exceeded 36 million, up to 3 million 500 thousand partners. It is expected that in 2011, the daily trading volume generated by the Taobao alliance will reach 100 million, and its partners will be divided into the daily average of 8 million.

relies on Asia’s largest retail, established in April 8, 2010, Taobao union within a year has been sitting on about 500000 active Taobao customers, 800 thousand advertisers, 240 million promotional merchandise, daily coverage reached 2 billion PV. It is worth noting that Taobao union day into amount from before the 800 thousand consecutive 4 times doubled, reaching 3 million 500 thousand / day, and the increasing strong momentum of development, worthy of the largest professional e-commerce marketing platform. Our goal this year is to develop 1 million 200 thousand advertisers, the accumulation of 300 million commodities, to achieve an average of 5 billion PV coverage." Taobao union head Wang Weiyi said.

insiders said that behind the rapid expansion of Taobao alliance, due to its subversive operation mode, through e-commerce marketing, information resources huge media and small owners and even individuals are Taobao will own traffic and popularity quickly realized the attention degree, realize the "flow of more value".

station marketing tool: seller three turnover amount from the Taobao alliance

it is understood that Taobao has joined the alliance in the about 800000 Taobao sellers, the majority of the seller’s daily turnover, there are 10% to 30% is generated by Taobao union station outside the marketing.

is a Taobao brand menswear Crespo card, at the beginning of March 2010, the flagship store daily through the turnover of Taobao customers to promote produce for 13 thousand and 400 yuan. After the Taobao Alliance on the line, just over a month’s time, the flow of traffic outside the Union Station accounted for about 30% of the total flow of the shop, Taobao customers brought the transaction is also stable accounted for a total turnover of up to 3. Crespo card deputy general manager You Chengbin said with a smile, Taobao alliance has become Crespo card station marketing of nuclear weapons.

coincidentally, women’s Amoy brand starry also benefited from. In addition to other sellers like the Commission, the starry hand with the Taobao customers to talk about cooperation, promotion so that the quality of Taobao customers to help them wider; on the other hand, Taobao has established its own customer base, let all the starry promotion Taobao customers can share experience. It is understood that the Korean clothes shed through the Taobao alliance has brought traffic has been nearly 100 thousand daily, the turnover of nearly $500 thousand a week, turnover of up to more than 5 thousand.

, according to reports, in 2011 the Taobao alliance will launch new marketing services for advertisers. This means that, after the Commission was simply set up advertisers who have more room to operate, can be more independent and more flexible development of Taobao customer promotion business, and provide a variety of services and tools.

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