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Jinhaima furniture online shopping mall new revision to create the first platform

in recent years, many traditional furniture companies have OCS, as the leading brand Chinese Kinhom furniture, since 2012 the official test water and electricity since, always maintain the pace of development while maintaining stability in the fierce competition in the market. Recently, the hippocampus Mall ( new revision, in addition to enriching the product, enhance the experience, interaction and service of the mall, the outbreak of the brand strength, to build China’s first professional furniture online shopping platform.


new platform set sail

with the development of the electricity supplier industry, furniture electricity supplier also showed an upward trend year after year. 2011 Home Furnishing industry turnover average monthly growth of 24.9%, the annual Home Furnishing online shopping market turnover reached 4 billion, Taobao in 2012 double eleven, furniture businesses become more online shopping Carnival horse, set off the electricity supplier of furniture purchases.

at present, the majority of furniture electricity supplier with the development of Taobao, a small number of independent online shopping platform has not seen the scale of the entire furniture business has not yet appeared in large scale professional e-commerce online shopping platform. The hippocampus mall according to industry trends and the strength of their own situation, timely advance the website, the new revision of the mall has officially launched today in jinhaima. After the revision of the hippocampus mall, enrich the main style and quantity of products, more fashionable, high quality furniture products by the revision of Dongfeng into the market, at the same time, this revision is the integration of online and offline resources, some of the goods can achieve the next line experience, online purchase". It is worth mentioning that more online shopping for furniture will appear in Jinhaima mall, these goods are all exclusive online shopping, do not hit the version and stores, the price is very favorable, which is called "freezing prices, consumer promotion month more attention mall can enjoy the best discount, with the lowest price to buy well



strength to win the electricity supplier

is the leading Home Furnishing Jinhaima Home Furnishing brand, with 23 years of development history, the entity stores all over the country, the management of the leading industry took the lead in the introduction of the world’s top SAP, ERP system, production, inspection, delivery and other aspects of product has reached world-class level. As a new platform for online shopping mall Kinhom furniture, Jinhaima inherited a strong brand, at the same time according to the electricity supplier and consumer demand characteristics, and constantly improve the online service, customer satisfaction as high as 99%, in the fierce competition in the market, showing a strong momentum of development.

in front of the new platform, Jinhaima said to create a more perfect user experience on products and services. First, adhere to the quality of products, the quality of the product in the first place, every piece of furniture in the factory before going through strict quality inspection and testing, whether it is material or workmanship adhere to excellence. Secondly, through the logistics bottleneck, the logistics to solve the "last mile" problem, the hippocampus mall has.

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