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do not know whether their peers understand, the world in the end what is the quality of the B2B platform. A high-quality network marketing platform logo, it applies to all walks of life in the world have the strength of manufacturers. Based on the standard marks on the collection and analysis of global professional buyers on the views of customization, so reflect professional buyers purchasing habits and the selection of high quality manufacturer evaluation criteria, including the buyers are most concerned about whether the real manufacturer, the ability to produce quality products, plant size, appearance and experience of professional team, product development capability, social responsibility, reputation / goodwill and past experience OEM/ODM reflect the overall strength of the standard.

Network marketing platform

through the audit selected high-quality suppliers, to enhance the overall reputation, make it a good symbol worth international buyers and consumers trust. Each manufacturer who is able to pass this threshold will be considered as a buyer’s priority. In addition to the network, but also through the domestic and international important exhibition, website, procurement directory and other channels to promote.

What a wonderful idea of

, but think of today’s IT world, this virtual world, hypocrisy, fraud in the era of information overload, the online web page is full of false information, let the buyer the selection of quality manufacturers like look for a needle in the ocean. But the real quality of the manufacturers are submerged in those crudely made fake suppliers. As in the afternoon of February 21st this year, Alibaba’s international trade market fraud complaints occur. A number of Chinese suppliers "were terminated on suspicion of fraud," Alibaba has also taken a serious approach to internal staff. I suspected CEO CEO Wei Zhe and chief operating officer Li Xuhui COO to resign, senior vice president of B2B company personnel Deng Kangming also went to the CPO group, another downgrade a big thing. It is because of the threshold is not high. An imperfect system of large B2B company, has experienced ten years of groundless talk, because such a ridge, this is how big blow. It is precisely because of the Chinese government’s connivance of counterfeit and shoddy environment, businesses profit is understandable, which is the nature of the Chinese people. For this problem, the Chinese government has an unshirkable responsibility. However, for Internet service providers, in order to occupy the IT market, in order to profit for a short time, even if the risk of losing the opportunity to take this platform, but there are so many continue to take risks.

now the government is heightening the website production threshold, put forward what verification, audit, but it is only a temporary solution, it is for the domestic space site, so the site for the international space, whether it will continue to improve. Since it is not perfect and why. This in itself is a big problem for us in this industry. From no to have, is how hard. If it is from the beginning, then there will be a person’s consciousness. Therefore, any one of the so-called B2B, or any of the products of any IT industry. Please make it perfect to start the market again, it’s not just about

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