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Cross border electricity supplier competition intensified NetEase koala can buy the industry before

just in the first quarter of 2015, the major Internet giants Baidu Tencent will have released their own Q1 earnings in 2015. Recently, the NetEase announced Q1 earnings: NetEase in the first quarter of this year the total revenue of 3 billion 885 million yuan, an increase of 54.2%, revenue continued to maintain rapid growth, total record; first quarter net profit of 1 billion 264 million yuan ($204 million), an increase of 12.5%. Deutsche Bank in May 8th will be the NetEase’s stock rating from hold up to buy, while the target price of $110 from $33.5% to $146.8.

as one of the world’s authoritative financial institutions, Deutsche Bank on the performance of the NetEase market so optimistic about the underlying reasons, perhaps because of NetEase’s game products and mobile terminal products optimistic. Earnings as we spy on an Internet enterprise development direction of things, it is not difficult to find: the NetEase the main revenue business although still game, but from the earnings report, revealed a new information, new business NetEase is to enhance investors to its expected future development of important reasons to increase the.

so what is the new business of NetEase and boost the confidence of investment it is easy to think of a lot of people on the line but soon attracted the attention of the koala sea. After the NetEase Q1 earnings release, NetEase CEO Ding Lei and CFO, respectively, to do the interpretation of this new business. Cai Anhuo in the investor telephone conference that: Although the implementation of the business strategy is still in the early stages of the koala sea purchase business, but the company is satisfied with the performance of the business to buy the koala sea. NetEase CEO Ding Lei said: "in the past fifteen years NetEase in the information consumption information service, has done very well, hope that the next stage can provide better service for the user in the commodity consumption." As for the development of the koala sea purchase, Ding Lei was quite confident, said the koala will be able to do the purchase of China’s electricity supplier in the first three. The reason why the acquisition of the sea can get so much attention to the NetEase, the root cause may be the sea or the purchase of this huge market demand has not yet been met, the commercial value of the excavation is very large. Also with NetEase, Alibaba, Jingdong and other Internet giants on cross-border electricity supplier more and more attention, the competition will become increasingly fierce cross-border electricity supplier market.


in the electricity supplier giants gathered in the market, the NetEase can really break the sprint industry before three? In other words koala sea purchase is just a business for the kids, he what to challenge the giant


cross-border electricity supplier competition in the future prospects of

The current

throughout the field of cross-border electricity supplier, the development speed of Ali and Jingdong really can not be underestimated. Ali on February 2014 on-line Tmall international, officially entered the cross-border electricity supplier layout.

is beyond all expectations in January 8th this year, the NetEase launched the test koala sea purchase also began to open beta, in order to declare the cross-border electricity providers to enter. It respected the meager electricity supplier ecosystem for the user is extremely attractive

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