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Jingdong to restart the purchase of tickets to buy tickets at the same time need to buy 15 yuan insu

it is reported that Jingdong train ticket purchasing business recently re launched. This is also following Ctrip, and a train ticket to buy Internet Co.

in April last year, less than a month on the line of Jingdong train ticket purchasing business suspended, Jingdong is due to the suspension of the success rate is low. At that time, the Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Railways in the 12306 official website announced that 1236 is the only professional website sales China train tickets, the railway sector has not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale or purchasing business". Domestic internet purchasing channels facing the risk of violation.

Ctrip as early as 2011 on the acquisition through the start of the ticket booking business, but in the Ministry of Railways last year after the announcement was also suspended in April. After the revocation of the Ministry of Railways has just settled the news, while in April last year, Ctrip, Jingdong mall will be on the line above the purchasing business stop. At that time, more public opinion, Ctrip, Jingdong was halted".

in March 10th this year, the State Council announced the reform of railway enterprises and the separation of the program, one of the key revocation of the Ministry of Railways and its functions are divided into three parts. Management of railway passenger and freight transport business enterprise function was given to the China railway company. Just after the announcement of the scheme about 3 days after the restart, Ctrip on-line high-speed rail tickets and EMU ticket purchasing services for "iron guarantee".

recently, Jingdong also quietly restart its train ticket purchasing business. Ctrip, like this business also uses a ticket + insurance bundled program. In other words, the user to buy train tickets in Jingdong, you must purchase a 15 yuan insurance. Jingdong said that the on-line train ticket purchasing business is also hoping to continue to enhance the user experience to meet the needs of more consumers. Reporters learned that, in fact, the train ticket business Jingdong and a family called rice duck train ticket purchasing website cooperation.

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