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How to promote your website to share

JournalThe name of the original

by watching other related articles and then analyzed with.

we need to choose a topic, then fell in love with the sea search, see the bottom of the search keywords to search, using a group of words into a sentence, write original articles. For example: we choose the topic today is to lose weight belt or thin belt, we fell in love with the sea search, and then look at the bottom of the search, we choose the slimming belt useful, slimming belt, vibration slimming belt, TV shopping slimming belt, electric slimming belt. Then for each word we write a few sentences, a sentence written just can write one hundred words together, make sentence with a title, original articles over 300 words come into being.

that is not something that is before, only this one, no stores. What is the current account, you can write your all day experience, write your diary, today you can write what one sees and hears. You can even write your son, your wife, your relatives and friends, what did you do today. For example, you write what you eat this morning, then go do what, what do you see on the road, and then you write of what one sees and hears views and feelings, and so on down to write liushuizhang form to write an article, I think this article is absolutely high quality of the original article, because only you can write such an article.

second original articles written: group words into syntactic

I personally love is realized through the soft Wen promotion way, on the one hand, can help me to improve my language ability of organization, on the other hand must be promoted. Some people will feel more difficult to write soft, this is actually a misunderstanding, the more you are afraid to write soft text, it will become more and more difficult, but you write more, as long as there is certainly your soft, your confidence and ability will be greatly improved, there are also many soft Wen promotion way the next step is to introduce a soft Wen in the original article.

the first original articles written:

third original articles written: analysis method

to write a high quality of the original article is a great help to improve the site included, this is because the search engines love new things, it must be possible to provide more new information to the user to meet the search needs of users, to help users solve the problem to meet the information more bonus points. And for those repeated and meaningless information, the search engine is very offensive, it will increase the workload of the search engine. So, this is why the non original articles included because the volume is very low. How to write high quality original articles, personal summary of five original articles written, here to share with everyone.

how to promote their own websites, everyone is not the same way.

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