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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform open green channel to speed up the website included


in order to better serve the webmaster friends, open search and use the function of search tools, webmaster will see: Baiduspider grab cover up 30%; indexing speed is reduced by 50%, the new station is timely collection of resources.


logon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, open the "search" we see: the webmaster tools to help create an exclusive website search. The webmaster can add site logo, association search domain, and more other custom configuration. The tool also provides statistical data, to help owners more information needs of users.

July 14th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement said: search tool to upgrade! For the station has opened up a collection of Easy Access. Install the webmaster search tools, can submit the seed page in the tool background from the perspective of Baiduspider, this page, grab the super link along all the page out, and diffusion layers.

we found that since 2013 Shanghai love Webmaster Platform introduced a variety of tools and services, is committed to the service station. The search tool, I believe it is a boon to the original. Webmaster friends if you want to better manage their website, or should do their content and services. With the help of love Shanghai webmaster tools, so as to better achieve the desired effect. The opening of the station search, or submit love Shanghai included, to do a lot of high quality the chain what? The blacksmith needs its own hardware.

/ Guardian yuan Kun, from Hubei Yun wing technology 贵族宝贝, WeChat: wh027zhan.

news: Hubei network alliance is not to feel their own website slow? Especially some of the original site included is very slow sad thing. But now no problem. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform opened green channel can accelerate the collection of sites included.

the search is still in the beta stage, want to open the webmaster friends need to submit an application, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform after receipt of the application for review on the site, through the search can be opened only after. According to the plan, the station will be open to the whole industry step by step search.

if you want to understand the love of Shanghai webmaster tools search problem, can go to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform.


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