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Only play an auxiliary role promotion tools can not completely replace the Shanghai Dragon

Er now many Shanghai dragon love shortcuts to relax, not only do optimization, and can get good results at this time, many of my friends think of is to use the software to replace the Shanghai dragon; in Google optimization, friends to use the software to send the chain to get very good results, every month can also have a lot of orders, but also love Shanghai very much optimization software, only tried to know a friend, but Shanghai website construction feeling, the total effect to almost than Google to the operation and transition will let down the right site The loss outweighs the gain., even by the K.

tool chain high repeatability of poor quality

outside the chain of course is manual, good quality is good, although a bad side, but as the auxiliary effect is good, "

, a tool can not replace human thinking

tools group released time, the link is obvious, general blogs do not how long will be deleted, even as Sina, Sohu this blog, usually will not be sealed, so a tool was immediately blocked, and highly repetitive articles, originally the search engine is not love, really to write the original to send the chain of Shanghai dragon Er should not, in addition to the original soft Wen contribute, the other is the East West copy and join the reluctance to become a pseudo original release, the original article is not high quality, but also by the mass, probability can be included is very small.

no matter what the pseudo original tools, or chain group tools, the effect is not so ideal, pseudo original tools can only modify the surface meaning, can only upset upset the paragraph, the change of the key words in the article, insert the relevant keywords instead, such a good article, looks out of order, a lot of related statements completely, not suitable for the user’s reading, this article is sent out a pile of garbage; in addition to send the chain only posts a month, not false original except quality relatively is not ideal.

three, outside the chain of the fast rise of fall faster

now than before the software bugs might stand, many software to send the chain, the strength is large, if a website ran into the search engine update time, will find the chain rose very quickly, but the effect of the chain really makes people think, just a flash in the pan, and can not bring much big promotion as key words, and now love Shanghai foreign chain high quality requirements, the chain of this form will be removed, it may drop down the right site onto you.

Two, The most ideal method of

is the most familiar is the chain group tools, one can make hundreds of out the chain, before using blog promotion, website also took to have very good results, but did not last long, let the good times don’t last long, all websites are love Shanghai right down, and right down is very difficult to recover from now on, let me no longer "favor" tool, here’s what the shortcomings of tools:

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