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Why in the stability of the website is gradually reduced

2, the same site, must not appear similar high title, after this upgrade included in the site, even if your content to write again good love Shanghai spiders are not recognized, it is a waste of the content of the website is constructed.

two, website title we can love Shanghai station search search tools and synchronous combination search, found a similar title then we modified. >

included in the site of good and bad, so as a webmaster how to avoid the problem of high similarity to

, from which we can get if you want included in the site is normal, then the same content similarity of a web site can not be too high, the website page similarity is too high will eventually be removed so as to reduce the love Shanghai, love Shanghai site in the position in the invisible, if a long time like this, the website also included it is bound to affect the ranking of the site, so that all the webmaster friends in the layout of the content on the website must pay attention: innovation content, discard the old thought.

love Shanghai on the same site similar title content were reduced, the site is a Shanghai dragon blog, website content are basically related to optimization of local companies, which have many titles are similar, then at the time of writing also did not pay attention to this problem, by comparing the degree of similarity was found after more than seventy percent of the title content will be deleted from a webmaster friends this thing can get a lesson:

?The original content before

love Shanghai on the same site of high similarity before finishing, the webmaster friends in the construction of the web content are arbitrary, from the Internet pseudo original, there is a direct copy, but with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, the content of the website has been put on the subject, the content of the website over similar the site is either K, or be right down, and this is also the same site, if the similarity within the site is too high, it will definitely affect the overall quality of the site, and then love Shanghai will continue to refresh the content on the website, excluding those the poor quality of the content.

, each write an article as much as possible not to look at the site, this can be avoided due to the similarity of the original content.

1, love Shanghai attaches importance to the title of what to write, to enhance the quality of the high similarity title is not suitable for the site, so we must to enter the title in the search engine query written prior to the content of the web site title, found a similar title then we immediately change the title.

The similarity of the title and content of the site determines the

I have two sites appeared in the same situation, keywords ranking still in Shanghai first, but included every day but in less, I remain perplexed despite much thought, finally after all the included page and deleted pages included comparison website, writer found the new trend of love Shanghai algorithm.

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