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Love Shanghai share back flow will be the future of the most important data to determine the site we

so we do share in the analysis of love Shanghai or simply look at the data how many times? I think more should see the back flow, because only flow share is the share of value. Return flow share can prove that you are a real user group web site, so the search engine will determine your site user groups have much greater weight, user groups, the audience more your site is higher. The search engine to judge the quality of a web site included in the weights given the future is the website user groups have much, now Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai love Shanghai share statistics and can be very accurate to collect these data.

currently love Shanghai share can accurately collect these data, for the brush love Shanghai people to share data is that the blow, simply because the share of no return is meaningless. Today is that we want to share the love around Shanghai in the back flow for everyone to talk about behind those effects, because many things seem to have no direct impact, but indirectly bring great. For example, love Shanghai clear that description for ranking is not of any direct effect, but if a good description can bring click click, you know there is a role in promoting for a website, which is affected most of us don’t see.

so the future of a website to later want to enhance the site’s weight must ring the user’s thinking to do, which is no longer the hair of the chain, every fixed update content. But by the content of high quality with good promotion, the use of a platform, the user really become our fans, such as the use of micro-blog, micro-blog can synchronously with the site, can also enclose our users using a variety of ways to promote a QQ group. We all have a new website content, can use these powerful social media content to quickly spread out. Bring huge traffic, we can also share to the major social media sites such as content through love Shanghai, love Shanghai space, happy net, renren贵族宝贝 such platform, if our company’s brand in the community or in an area that is very authoritative, easy access to the fans. Once you have a large number of fans, the website weight nature, keywords ranking is like a bad.

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now love Shanghai to share data, which for those of us who love to share the use of Shanghai is also a great boon, in fact, I believe that love is out of love for Shanghai Shanghai with the greatest significance lies in the collection of data. Because of the big data era is coming, the last look of love Shanghai official: social media sharing Industry Report 2012. Found that social media era has truly arrived, I believe the current search engine to determine the value of a site really is how many fixed users have much direct access to people. If the installation on the love of Shanghai would have to share share calculation of the content of your website how many people share your content how many back flow.

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