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love the mule explain how to edit website content

Related words written in


< B> < I> < U> such as bold, italic, underline and other labels, such as some of the section header can bold, some references or explanatory text is in italics, thus allowing the user to better understand and browse articles, and this type of label often the article appeared in the search engine will think you more formal.


editor in Shanghai Longfeng in actually it is a science, and the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, content editing is not good, the user does not love, the future may directly affect Shanghai Longfeng effect is hard to say, not much to say, directly into the topic.

did you find the big portal station almost every article with pictures? For example, some reports of a star entertainment news, even if there is no picture, will find a picture of the stars before the picture into the post; for instance, some women in the portal, such as weight loss, skin care and other articles are. Will insert some irrelevant beautiful pictures. Why do they have to do so, because of this, the search engine will think you are more formal, people’s point of view, combined with the article, users are more love watching video, the same is true.

labelThe proper use of

five, around a theme with the content of

two, the proper use of < B> < I> < U>

search engine through the long-term accumulation of data, have their own database, specially recorded some related words, such as "Jay Chou", will jointly "entertainment", "singing" and "Star" such words, so that a search engine will think these words are related words, and we are editing articles, concept in mind should have relevant words, when the subject is around a word, more content related words of the word.

The contents of the

three, appropriate to add some pictures and video

Four, pay attention to

, a layout to clear

many of the site’s content layout can be used to describe what is more is a mess, and what the font format out of order, but also some copied from the Internet, some out of order format code is not clear in the content, this content can’t see, you can see the big portal station the content is how to edit, each section of < P> tags separated, each section of the front will certainly set aside two Chinese characters characters, if you want to update the contents of the day, a lot of words, it is a waste of time, we recommend to you a tool, you open this web page: 贵族宝贝admintk贵族宝贝/bianji.html as long as the article, copy here, click "automatic typesetting" on the line, this more convenient.

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