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On the occupation career of their own medical industry optimization

The first site

do so long Shanghai Longfeng, everyone has their own opinion, since graduating from my first job is to release the word of mouth words, do the medical industry, a lot of people through word of mouth words long tail keywords should be covered with a snapshot of the first page of the long tail keywords, to pull into a point of the flow after all, the medical industry is the largest industry in the competition.

there is your main, my colleague made a mistake, is the blog of the original article, after also take these articles to various sites contribute, finally lead to love Shanghai that his blog is stolen, the station was K, because of the high weight site in the sea will be considered in this article he is unique to the original, you don’t even start your website weight, is also considered to copy others.


user experience: the medical industry site are many in order to access rate, many sites have set up a business open the website and then pop up business, after a lapse of ten seconds of a bomb, so we do Shanghai dragon saw all feel tired, with no exception of the more, we had to do business is to hang up open the site, when he won’t play, just floating on the left, set up 1 minutes after the pop-up, so the user experience is not so poor that.

chain: to cause mainly through the blog and BBS signature, many people know early blog raising weight is not so easy, I generally do blog every day to add one or two article pseudo original articles, not with the chain, slowly until the blog article is love Shanghai included, only gradually every few the day with links, this time is very long. Through the forum signature to top posts and post, and love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai love love Wikipedia, know, Search ask etc.. The main or you can write good articles for publication forum.

then optimization is the site in the stomach: we plan to each article and recommended reading, convenient for visitors to see the article in time, the answer can not solve the he also can recommend reading to find a better solution, but also can provide a crawler can climb to the recommended reading the article page up, and then climb to much. This paper focuses on the medical industry, with disease speaking medical solutions, the existence of hazards (usually the treatment will tell the patient how the), the article page also set up a hot search keywords, do the main keywords and links to the home page, column page keywords, the Keywords tag tag the link that can let the crawler deeper some.

definition of the title, this is also a vital, a web site even if you lined up first love Shanghai snapshot, do not title, maybe there are many people who cannot visit your site, so a part of the title is also important. There is a website only home to flow is not enough, the column page, the article page can do long tail keywords pull to flow a lot of.

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