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Talking about my understanding of e-commerce

remember Mr. Ma in Guangdong network communication meeting said that "in recent days of e-commerce has just started, the next 5 to 10 years will be the real e-commerce era, today’s Internet, we have deeply felt the smell of smoke of strong electronic commerce, and more or less from TV and newspapers on the electronic have some understanding of business war. Electronic commerce has begun to change our way of life, a few years ago people are buying things in the shopping malls, supermarkets, shops nearby, rarely buy things from the Internet, now let’s look at our lives are directly obtained through the network, this is the charm of e-commerce


to understand the development process of e-commerce: from

(the first domestic C2C e-commerce platform) -> China network pages -> HC business network (now -> (B2C) -> (C2C) ->;…… Jingdong, Eslite mall…… Later, Baidu, Tencent and other giants have begun to enter the field of e-commerce……

now is not only in the domestic electronic commerce war ignited the smoke, even some group has been aimed at the global e-commerce era, not a mutual has begun to "fight", from this point, we can see the electronic commerce has become increasingly playing a huge effect. Take the Jingdong Mall for example, recall, Jingdong from a small Zhongguancun mall stores start, 09 sales reached 4 billion, 10 more than 10 billion years, the Jingdong store is B2C mode, although members accounted for about 8000000 of total domestic member 20%, let us see the success of Jingdong mall B2C model will be the future of the main mode of development of electronic commerce.

At present,

e-commerce is still at the starting stage, Chinese users currently only 4 billion, although it is the most populous country in all countries, but for the national large, obviously the number of Internet users will be more and more, from this point can see that around the development of it, including my hometown, a lot of kids in contact with the computer, and the continued growth of Internet users will be more to promote the development of electronic commerce.

The development of

e-commerce is making the world smaller, a person can use a computer with people around the world contact, for Internet users also provide convenient online business, but now the electronic commerce in network security there are still some problems, which requires us to unite the majority of network operators to develop a reasonable business the environment.

e-commerce will gradually change our behavior and way of life, the future will become an indispensable tool of computer, the future people may rarely go to the mall, the supermarket to buy things, the future will be a rapid dissemination of information, life and work more convenient time.

because the contact of electronic commerce is very few, the above is only my personal opinion and understanding of e-commerce, in the future, I will continue to close.

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