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How to get the love of Shanghai top two competitors title page quickly


five, click on the second steps: collecting content rules on page content label definition frame delete other labels, leaving only the title tag, as shown below. Can put before the URL into the test bar test.

, open the locomotive software, choose a set of a new task, classification of information group I choose here.


two, click new, will pop up the following settings box, first of all to the task named "acquisition" of the title, and then click the Add button start.

three, click the Add button, the pop-up, batch / pages, then the address format input should be collected from the website address, suppose we want to get the "Shanghai dragon optimization" is the word love Shanghai the first two pages of the title of the competitor (below, it is unchanged) in Shanghai love the search box to search "Shanghai dragon optimization", and then copy the URL address bar love Shanghai, is due to the acquisition of multiple pages, so also need to join the wildcard, and we found love in front of Shanghai on the search results page page address is the same, is behind the pn=0, pn=10, pn=20…,… In a tolerance of 10 arithmetic so the first increase to 0, tolerance is set to 10, because we are the first 2 pages, so the number is 2, if you want to add more. Finally, click Add and complete.



locomotive, the next wood Shanghai dragon will teach you step by step to get the love of Shanghai before the two page of your competitor’s title.


six, click on the third step: publish content settings, select positive release, and then press below set format, location, name, click save.

four stage, playing the box below. Fill in according to the extraction rules.


Add a button, click on the URL of the

title?We first need to download a

website title set is crucial for the website optimization, website optimization personnel all basic settings are in contact with the title of the website, especially a lot of new sites, in the title set must do the Title Analysis, amongst other preparations, many times we need to carefully analyze the competitors in the same industry "title, different search keywords statistics of each keyword, the search results page the title of the site, can be more comprehensive these keywords under different site title, better set your website title. A copy of the title of the page come together is a waste of time, how quickly we get the first two pages of Shanghai love rival



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