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How to find high quality Links to improve website weight

Count method of site weight increased

so how come I usually exchange the right Links it, first of all is to find the industry in the Links platform inside me, PR and other similar site data, then find the owners to discuss the general situation, and also love stationmaster industry similar website to exchange links, exchange after the success of further communication, each other can introduce some peers to exchange links, to improve website weight. Anyway, peer is the enemy, in order to have a good ranking in the search engine, you need to check the reverse link each other, finding the Links website backlinks from each other, increase the weight of the website, the above is purely personal wise remark of an experienced person. You can refer to the appropriate, more valuable advice. The station my last little show, Sogou 贵族宝贝sogouu贵族宝贝/ friends Links platform, this paper from the original starting A5 Sogou friends (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network, please keep the link information, thank you!

Since the

, it seems like a lot of. It seems very small. There is an overwhelming feeling, believe that many webmaster and I have the same feeling, he summed up the next. I also own the wise remark of an experienced person is not always good, but that the experience with everyone out of each other, not always wrong, summing up, improve together. Is my personal experience, do Shanghai dragon is a very hard work and tasteless. Believe that do stand most of my friends will say so.

, by contrast, when the initiative to find sites to exchange links are not many. Because I have to do is Links platform website, find a good number of links is relatively easy, but I know that Links industry correlation between the weight of the website is very important. It is more difficult to find suitable links. Some are similar or the same industry, but the PR and included, snapshots is more. Some PR and included more appropriate, but not related to the industry, therefore, very suitable for link exchange or more difficult. Recently the emergence of a new term, called love Shanghai weight. With this observation, this index is also very important, do not know how it was calculated, but the index of the website traffic directly, or very useful.

website promotion, also wrote about network promotion and experience aspects of the article, published to the A5 forum or some get backlinks and high weight outside the chain, the station recently Links platform Sogou in my friends fell in love with the sea also have a certain weight, the main key words ranking has been greatly upgrade, see this effect, that their own efforts to get a good return, since then, my daily work is to find material, write original articles to publish, use this way to increase the weight of the website.


describe online than cock up early, sleep later than the night owl. I have a deep feeling.

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