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Hu Yibo how fast the chain explosion


is called a " the lost children of " the reader comments raised this issue, and in his blog published an article title to "chain of a website is really very important article named". A simple description of the importance of the chain on the site, Hu Yibo’s blog and mentioned in this article. He is such a description: " today, a half day visit other blogs, really learned a lot, and there is to see Hu Yibo’s blog, there are four articles, but his website is PR2, was surprised, he studied and found his chain number more than 1000. It can be seen that the influence of the chain number on the weight of the. "

collected up the chain and online data for 2 years with Hu Yibo’s unique thought, Hu Yibo purchased the domain name in its own name. Add a blank page for the record, the record review and after these time Hu Yibo has been in the hair of the chain, but some of the chain is not included in Shanghai after the publication of love, the six months after the upload now blog program, and began to publish original articles by A5 home page and quickly reproduced, lead to a search engine understand the blog of the chain and the originality and depth of excavation appeared outside the chain within 4 days from the 200 on the 1000..

, a new station on the line before and after

In the evening he

Hu Yibo’s blog I mentioned the problem, that I share my is how fast and efficient development of the chain. Well, I will not say nonsense. Direct

Hu Yibo over

long ago knew Hu Yibo most webmaster friends all know, Hu Yibo had over the climax of the period is also low, here briefly talk about some of Hu Yibo’s excessive. The 21 year old Hu Yibo is engaged in Internet webmaster occupation of it for 6 years time. Had been through the station each spend months or half a year’s time, cultivate a group of high PR value chain or high traffic websites and sale and others earn profits.

cut to the point! Methods:

chain explosion


Hu Yibo’s blog on the line for 4 days to the chain reached 1000+. The PR value is 2. There are a lot of Hu Yibo’s blog will leave this question. Such a short time Hu Yibo did it. You must have seen Hu Yibo’s blog data you will also raise the question of

08 years after the sale of the website and June, Hu Yibo lost his job.. They walked into the full-time webmaster, because when the research has been in the promotion and publicity, so the website management technology is not enough, to a lot of users but rarely flow. What did not earn money instead of losing a lot of server costs, then entered into the transition period, from 2009 to 2010, which is the independent blog before the establishment of the Hu Yibo has been watching you celebrity articles, such as: Lu Songsong, O, one after another, such as Chun celebrity blog to promote the knowledge and collect relevant information.

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