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Website optimization methods to improve the credibility of the website search engine

3 users, effect of residence time on site credibility

2, the snapshot can also explain the reliability of

4, the chain site’s credibility

of course, the more the chain, the chain of higher quality and better site credibility, the chain is equivalent to others to vote for you, of course, the more the more tickets you trust, the search engine trust, the chain should pay attention to methods, to avoid being found in the search engine with human intervention, the author of the article "do reference links to improve the website" this is the weight, the chain can improve website ranking, the key is to increase the credibility of the search engine on the web.

search engine is always oriented to the user, and the user is the same. The residence time of the user, often repeat, that user experience is good, the search engine users love the natural love, the natural search engine users trust trust. The website of Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the user experience, user experience, can enhance the confidence of the search engine.

websiteOf course, the more new snapshot

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Effect of

search engine, the more credible, if the site is down right, serious damage to the credibility of the search engine, causing long time snapshot not update, even correction, is a good illustration. The higher the weight the more new snapshot is the same reason.

search engine website credibility, is the search engine on the website of the love degree, trust degree, degree of course evaluation, web search engine trust higher website weight better, keywords ranking is good. Website optimization is to improve the process of Search Engine Website Trust degree. The search engine to give a good evaluation, fully trust your site keywords ranking is good, of course. The website of Shanghai dragon is actually improve the weights of the website, improve the site’s credibility.

we usually say that the web site included more weight is higher, this is correct, the level of evaluation weight need a reference, on the same site, of course included more weight is high, because every page has more or less weight, the weight of accumulated more, but for different sites not necessarily. We often see the same keywords, included less website ranking, that is the reason why, although included less, but the overall weight is higher than you, also shows that the weight of a single page high. So how many not included well illustrate the reliability of the website, included rate can explain your credibility.


1, website content included rate impact on site credibility

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