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Love is not love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot decided the fate of the weight

really want to love Shanghai continue to update your website is very simple, mainly with high quality content and website content fresh, so you can achieve continuous love Shanghai update. When love Shanghai updated with new content in the confirmation of your website, Shanghai would love to your site to crawl. If your site is not to update the web site, the spider will appear 304 love Shanghai code.

each was collected web site, the spider will according to the updated not only check whether the site of new pages, and web spiders crawl frequency update at the same speed.


snapshot ShanghaiFor the love of Shanghai

in Shanghai and Shanghai love love weight snapshot, you need to understand both what is right, the woman will share with you love Shanghai snapshots and weight.

you may see many others website weight, but you don’t understand what the site is after the storm, but also a little bit slowly accumulated. In addition, for the website. Gov or edu, is a natural weight high website. In addition to their own conditions, the most important is the content of the original, whether the user’s favorite, these search engines are to see in the eye. So don’t envy others website weight high, as long as insist, the weight of the website will slowly ascend.

site weight is the search engine to the site (including web pages) would be given authority value of the website (including web page) evaluation authority. The factors determining the weight of the site including survival time, domain name, domain name, content, server, maintenance and chain etc..

The definition of

love Shanghai weight


and the weights of the website snapshot love Shanghai

At the same time, the relationship between

now I’m doing a lumbar muscle strain treatment site, every day the first thing is to look at the work site updates, but a snapshot of the site is always unsatisfactory, all made me nervous, I think is not the weight of my site is not high, so in love with the sea snapshot not update. Many Shanghai dragon Er certainly have the same doubts with me. Then we have to thoroughly understand the love of Shanghai snapshot and the level of weight is really matter.

you can see, love Shanghai snapshot is affect the weights of the website. But the relationship between the website weight and love Shanghai snapshot is not proportional to the. There is no direct relationship. So in love Shanghai snapshots not update, don’t worry, do the station.

snapshot, there are three, including snapshots, site URL generated in the snapshot search box enter the URL of the website and search keywords snapshot generated. In fact, if your website enough normal, then three snapshots of the time will be consistent. To the big role for the station site update articles, then how do we make love Shanghai continuously updated snapshot.

The relationship between

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