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Taobao Shanghai Longfeng guest website optimization can not determine the sales

Shanghai dragon third optimization work is Links, to say the Links do quite a headache, especially Links stress Mendanghudui, most of the Taobao guest website are personal website, website to the PR value high is difficult to climb, and can’t have "marriage record" website and the most suitable for Links website is related to the content of website, Taobao guest website content related most is "a bitter enemy", most of the Taobao off site and their opponents "incompatible like water and fire, afraid to do a Links, users from their sites to the opponent’s website, this laosibuxiangwanglai the the practice of some occlusion, in reality is a Sino Vietnamese Street business is hot, homogeneous things can be subdivided, selling the same products to take In different ways, not only allows users to feel fresh, but also will improve the competitiveness of the website, individual website user adhesion degree will be higher.

website content updates, external links and Links is Shanghai three core point dragon optimization, around the three optimization, most sites are search for love in Shanghai.

said Taobao passenger Shanghai dragon can’t decide optimal sales, we first start from the three main points of the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The first is in the website update, most sites are on the Taobao acquisition, slightly better off site is false original, again good site is pure original. Many webmaster in order to pursue the pure original, even paying someone to do original update. Because Taobao guest website most are personal website, limited money, spend money to update the article generally a few yuan only, this article as long as the original can, usually 300-500 words, readability is very poor, love Shanghai included users may not buy, not what the substantive content of the original, 100% is not much meaning, to see the machine, but want to sell products, the starting point itself is a problem.

and then talk about the chain, the chain is also a hard work, Taobao guest website is the most taboo not blindly the chain. The reason for such a mistake, or have the order reversed in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain is designed to increase the weight of the site, of course, the weight of the search engine to search engines, too much attention, ignore the user experience, for example, a chain can bring a flow, not what is attracting website the contents of the user, not the user to solve practical problems, so that the flow is just a meteor, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is worthless.

guest website is on sale, no sales records of the Taobao off site is a failure, many owners often complain, why I love Shanghai web site keywords ranking home page, but no sales? On this idea of most people are confused about the relationship between Shanghai and Phoenix website sales, Shanghai Dragon is website optimization technology, rather than marketing tools, and eventually to buy the products people rather than machines, so too dependent on Shanghai Dragon Technology for sales, itself offset the direction.

Why The core point of Taobao

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