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Shanghai love of the original technical defect recognition needs to be improved

love Shanghai now has opened the original spark program, what is the original, is to begin to pay attention to web content, this is Google to go before the road; what is called spark plan, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, a good, content, we reprint is no problem, but need to be reproduced in respect of original content. This can encourage creators to produce more and better things, this is.

love Shanghai technical defects is certainly more, I said something that I personally think that the love of Shanghai technical defects, other defects to be all on, not nonsense, I personally believe that the love of Shanghai has the following 3 major technical defects of the Internet, the impact is far-reaching, hope the staff can see the love of Shanghai, to further improvement is the Internet users of Fu, fu.

: love Shanghai technical defects can not accurately and fast recognition result in original, the original power loss greatly, the Internet is facing danger even creativity. This is in fact the Internet creation ability and the development of the Internet is fatal, with the most classic words: only pay attention to the good content where the content is good and don’t care who created the enthusiasm, it will undoubtedly greatly against the original staff, small deep, small responsibility in operation Department the company website (niuli machinery Shanghai branch official blog) starting a search engine that "measures" on the assessment and treatment of quality ", published in July 26, 2013, this article is the accumulation of small series of website operation of the economy, was originally written and shared, so in the company blog first, in A5 stationmaster net secondary, this is recognized for me no ground for blame, A5 station network, a great reputation in the industry, A5 network owners of the original respect, let all the webmaster in droves, have released some The experience of myself, this is the A5 webmaster network after love Shanghai repeatedly update algorithm still survived the reason lies.

however, in A5 Adsense network starting after the rest of the industry sites have reproduced, I found that, after study, some industry site retains a small left link, in this small series of these stationmaster respect the original thank you support, purify the Internet, I also found that the reserved link site, weight also are good; in contrast, there are some websites shameless, reproduced in the process, do not respect the original, have speculated that the "search engine evaluation and treatment of the broken section of punctuation" quality measures "to their own websites, trying to grab traffic, do not understand the Internet sharing platform, respect the original is in fact the first step to purify the Internet, I expressed regret, I know with moral standards to enable you to respect the original too difficult, but how we are calling for respect Heavy original, then I believe that this is the Internet revolution, it is possible that everyone only start from their own, to purify the Internet environment, love Shanghai technology is limited, less than the Google original. In Shanghai there is no technical strength to do this case, let us ER Shanghai dragon who shoulder the love Shanghai time to purify the Internet environment.

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