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Contribute promotion – how to get your article is recommended

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Finally, I wish you the

portal sites like the first point is the requirement of readability, and can be pushed on the home page to see whether the unique. Another Dennis friendly reminder, the title of the article needs to pay attention to it, like the two article Dan’s title is to be edited to change the stationmaster net, there should be written propaganda can not work with such units.

now Shanghai dragon industry many articles, most of them are some people speak bad things, but also indicated in the column for the Web: currently considering the quality and content of Shanghai dragon in the nature of the content are too many, readability is not strong, so do not accept this kind of user application and opening. If the user submitted the quality that is readable or were in accordance with the recommended standard, also can contact the audit staff, the appraisal standard to determine whether to open. This is why many authors estimate articles in the A5 forum, stand in a row, a push BBS has not been widely sought after because stationmaster net, Admin5 portal website promotion.



Author: Dan


in writing, the promotion of the article and not much better than before. But the characteristic than previously written the Shanghai dragon article, especially the millet marketing articles, the content is mostly Dennis their own personal feelings, I believe everyone can be summed up, stationmaster net promotion should be its unique characteristics. After all, as the local station network, mostly in Shanghai Longfeng articles.

grew better, more and more rich experience. This is Dennis personal feelings, if you have any comments or suggestions, welcome.

not only Dennis, grace did not how, but the website submission was also a period of time, is also summed up some experience.


, the source (million 贵族宝贝 please indicate the

yesterday afternoon was absolutely Dennis mood is being criticized is first change radically, the young, but also through the pole is rotten to the even in stationmaster net and A5, then found himself yesterday by the article was pushed to the stationmaster net page of the home page, the mood is bittersweet. Regardless of whether the article really but it is Nothing is right., be sure the network owners, today he and everyone to share their own experiences: what kind of article has the value of popularization, how to make your website article is recommended.


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