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Abandon the chain thought the old look outside the chain of the most fashionable do

is a variation of the chain from quantity to quality, the author of this special deep feeling a little, when two or three years ago, the chain group especially useful. What blog forum message machine, special effects. Because the search engine algorithm is not advanced, can only be used as a standard to judge the number of. This feature is associated with the presence of the failure of the click principle slowly (for the love of Shanghai), and now the search engine algorithm is stronger, if you mass outside the chain, the search engine first included you, then judge the quality, this requires time and data. Before one of the biggest features of the chain is the number of old ideas, but now the chain is not so simple, let’s take a look at the (now the most fashionable fashion refers to with the times) the chain should be how to do.

chain has a great influence on the rankings, especially in a website for the influence of the ranking is quite large, when there is no pre site ranking and traffic, the search engine basically is to rely on estimates of the chain to a site is good or bad. So the chain will become a line when you do Shanghai dragon do not cross, but I see a problem now, it is all the operation technique of chain out of date. I often complain about the ranking of how not to, how not to use the forum signature. We think, the social development of the fast ah, iPhone released to five. The search engine upgrades faster, Google officially changed more than 500 times a year algorithm, the algorithm of search engine upgrade, you have to keep up with the optimization method, there is no upgrade. Today is the chain of this one of the most important points to affect the ranking to share with you, what we have to upgrade.

first, matching degree is high. Refers to the best matching degree is high and you can be the subject of this article is relevant, such as writing a love Shanghai know how to stay on the link, you do this link "is the core keywords know love Shanghai. This is the matching degree is high, also called correlation, but the matching degree is more accurate. Why should match high? The reason is this, a few years ago, everyone in the fight when the number of the chain, completely without considering the correlation, this is often the incidence of the chain, a martial arts novel the content inside with keywords everybody medical class, a correlation is not on, users are not a little, but may affect the user’s reading, more exasperating is the carrying of the chain is actually not read many. So the search engine in order to prevent cheating and improve the quality, matching degree is very important, so I would like to ask all of you in the chain when considering the matching degree of the

second, the chain of nature, the chain of a few years ago is the fight number, and created a large chain of garbage, increase the search engine to determine the cost of the link, so the crackdown on spam is the chain search engine word permanent mission. A few months ago, Google for a major upgrade of the chain algorithm is to deal with natural links, I believe some webmaster to install the Google Webmaster Tools Friends >

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