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Site optimization methods and steps

the other way of website optimization

The enterprise website promotion platform

2, in addition to the link, the title for the station optimization market will be used, the title text contains the search text structure changes as the key words, but a title but not too close, can be a simple formula that contains a description structure keyword to the website according to the keywords, and then determine the title don’t change.

now this network can make use of the space is more, after the site internal adjustment of the end, these external promotion platform could use a search engine, space is the first available resources used in the space domain can use selected keywords.

1, to maintain a good way is to keep moderate frequency keywords are used by search rate, in regular adjustment, update, apply to search engine included immediately after the update, for the fastest in engine directory.

a lot of contact network promotion friends know website optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization two, the optimization of the main focus is Shanghai dragon and browsing experience, while the station optimization is through all the seemingly and unlike the promotion of Taiwan will link together, in a variety of ways to spread out this includes the promotion platform, search engines, and their advertising system, Forum blog tools available.

1, change the site of the internal links can be achieved in the station optimization, the detailed method is four points of the FLASH link and image modified for pure text links, and the global optimized link position correction.

commonly used methods of website optimizationThe structure of

3 system, using the best way is to use the updated news update keywords, can do a link bridge, on the target page marked with the description of the key, and this page contains a list of products of the enterprise keywords mentioned in the link, this link to form a three-dimensional network structure in the network station.

2, some sites in order to attract visitors attention, use a lot of pictures, which in fact is not in line with the search engine "appetite" usually knowledgeable SEO experts will be added such as company introduction, news and product list of such large blocks of text content in and on the three column content to add url.

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