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Shanghai dragon war game site internal optimization analysis

so these sites Shanghai Longfeng what are the advantages? Below through a specific example, through comparative analysis, we may have a deeper understanding. The Saier number Jeni _ Purcell Jeruni _ Purcell Ronnie Yijie "is the 4399 Saier number elf a detailed page title, we search the title of the search result found that 07073 of the first 4399, second, third, Fourth:


1, the first analysis of the four page title, the 07073 title is not limited to match exactly, make full use of the word love Shanghai principle. 4399, play and the title of 7k7k is completely match the search term.


site data comparison

7k7k play.

A, the 07073 page content creation is fine, it is in line with the user search content page, which introduces "the Saier number Jeni _ Purcell Jeruni _ Purcell Yijie Ronnie" evolution map, related skills table, race value, how to grasp, the best character, a number of models such as the elves hand.



2, and each page corresponding to the contents of physiognomy. You can search after a brief look at the following, I do a simple analysis:

famous game site is probably the most well-known 4399 games, 7k7k games, 17173 games, 07073 games, play games, of which 4399 and 07073 of the Shanghai dragon do relatively better, 7k7k games and 17173 is relatively poor, look at me use Adsense tools for a screenshot of their basic information to do:

B and 4399 introduced the elf is quite insufficient, and the single wizard 878 made a believe, but also for us to grasp the spirit behind the detail drawing.

to tell you the truth, since after seeing the 4399 game product manager Yin Jinqian on the "massive" keyword optimization strategy to share, for small game website, Shanghai dragon attention significantly improved, of course, more is to get a lot of experience and knowledge in front of many articles about their understanding for some web site keywords optimization. Many are mainly from the global, or some theoretical direction, and the more contact webmaster, you will find that many webmaster is more practical to share love, these theories have been talking away, even if you no good writing, also can’t satisfy everyone’s appetite. So this series of articles, I will analyze some well-known game site Shanghai dragon, hope that through some of the details of the Shanghai dragon analysis, so that we can have some good Shanghai Longfeng where in-depth understanding of the operation in the end.

The chart by

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