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The actual analysis saved from a sandbox in the station

three measures: the website Links >.

new online search engine can not judge the station is still normal station station, put it in the sandbox, to love the Shanghai search engine during this specific performance is not our optimization ranking keywords Chinese station website sandbox in time about half a month to two months.

the old rules, first the basic situation, figure 1:

two measures: the site layout (program) has a problem, before I wrote 100 articles that are not found, Google included thousands of articles, sometimes we want to find the problem from Google included, I found that Google included many invalid page, what is the invalid page that he included? My article except for pages, some mixed things, especially my directory, check later, find your website Label put too much combat, estimated love Shanghai spiders are not good climbing, are some repeated passage, so I put all the Label website removed, retaining only the directory it seems, this measures is very effective, pay attention to the site layout or program

sandbox refers to:

we can look at the 2 picture of the overall situation, the first picture, we can get the website for 3 months, this is very important, I will talk about the second picture can be seen, the website started what was in love with the sea out, until 9-10 started to put out a large area, what happened? This is from you do not give up, to save your love


I do medical hair products related websites, as we all know, including before I have talked about, medical class website optimization and management is not good, I this station, station so early in the "sandbox", if a friend and I encountered the same situation, please don’t worry. Don’t give up your love, you worked hard at least training for a period of time, you can’t just give up, we have to take it out from the "sandbox", today I want to say is the actual analysis from a "sandbox" rescue station

Figure two:

measures: stepping up the original. With you in this revealed a bottom, the site at the beginning, I really do wrote an original, automatic acquisition software library with daily sentence paragraphs, and then assembled into the article, actually a lot of friends all know standing in paragraph library, our former stations often engage in to use, but after a period of time, I found an article all love Shanghai included, at that time realized that the website into a "sandbox" at that time also wanted to give up, but to spend energy and money, we can not give up, so I stepped back the original, I all write their own from my point of view, the results, the original article is a site must be


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