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Small and medium sized enterprises how to deal with the love of Shanghai (3) bidding adjustment perf

, a pay promotion

C. mining long tail keywords, to supplement the region, such as manufacturers;

g. moves to promote the adjustment and optimization, the current mobile terminal adjustment is, and the mobile terminal traffic on the rise. (mobile promotion for mobile web sites require a higher

2. channel transfer:

such as Guangzhou Xin Ruihao is Volvo, Porsche auto parts, is not in love before the adjustment of Shanghai’s competitors, the number of ads is generally not more than 4. So in love with the sea will be adjusted to less than 30% of commercial advertising, Yan Ruihao paid advertising the show is not affected.


These enterprises

B. on repeated clicks, setting shangdun and adding negative IP;

B. opened 360 search promotion, 360 League promotion, Sogou search, Sogou promotion Wangmeng promotion, will be, Newell push, wide point can be opened according to the strength of the enterprise, the other is what search focused on mobile search marketing, now most of the enterprises.

paid promotion should be more focused on the effect of words, more attention paid advertising ranking, the mobile terminal can be put on the appropriate increase strength, can also be considered on the 360, Sogou platform. In addition, the landing page should be more elegant, due to fewer choices, customers will be more cautious.

about love this adjustment, not all companies are showing. 17 push BBS operations team in time to help customers to do statistics and analysis of the 5-6 company’s data found that in addition to love Shanghai direct referrals to the healthcare industry, the impact of a number of industries are not we think big.

A. to consider other new products: love love Shanghai, love Shanghai trading Shanghai Wangmeng, mobile DSP (currently counterparts have started to use love Shanghai trade promotion)

D. and timely attention to the search terms report, adding negative keywords;

why 17 push BBS generation operation, were not affected by the love of the Shanghai rules adjustment? Today ask 17 push 17 push Zhuifeng forum operations team partners, let them give you talk about is how to do:

account management Shanghai )

F. to promote regional optimization; such as China Street analysis of the original data, before the inquiry transformation of poor promotion regional suspension, focus on the promotion of company development area.

is part of the promotion

even for some industries still have a positive trend, such as home air purification engineering company, in the promotion of cost not much change, but the amount of inquiry is on the rise:

(a company inquiry increased energy-saving insulation)

A. focus on the core keywords and show the ranking;

E. extended time period optimization, the promotion time:

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