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Wonderful website ranking, you still blindly analysis website ranking

of course, "love Shanghai" in the website optimization guide solemn reminder of the title and content, are of great help to the ranking. Why there are still so many irrelevant website ranking is still good? Love Shanghai is a highly intelligent machine, as a novice, I suggest not to go, do it, stick to it, a long time will understand why.

of course, this kind of website is only in the love of Shanghai is ranked in the other search engine ranking is not good. This kind of website content without what special place, and some even the chain is very few, so has subverted the conventional Shanghai dragon thinking, don’t be a stranger, just love Shanghai has a special algorithm for this kind of website.

contact Shanghai dragon has been for many years, dare not say that their technology is more powerful, but once the Shanghai dragon training the word sex Shanghai home, stable ranking for three years. Recently I found that many newcomers have a bad habit, blind competitor analysis site, the blind worship of others website ranking.

therefore, I recommend beginners do not blindly worship others website ranking, first positioning their own strengths.

first class, the title and website content seriously inconsistent website

has a lot of buddy didn’t know love Shanghai Aladdin, in the words to find their industry, get a good ranking site is dead to check the chain, look at the content, to the end of a not so think met master! I met a like this the website domain name, only two years, but a lot of high index keyword ranking basically is the first, and are within the page.

if the site, outside the chain and content of all the routine angle to analyze, absolutely can not see what way, especially some novice, see other sites do not do outside the chain, content to be written have ranked, heart immediately not calm, many people even give up because of this dragon optimization method Shanghai normal, to finally feel boring gradually leave Shanghai dragon.


in Shanghai, there is such a kind of awesome website. Website title and website content is completely different, but the home page ranking. In fact, you can search: "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" or "Tianjin website optimization", ranking in the home, there is a web site, click on the account after the entertainment news, or is a very special advertisement. The content and the title is absolutely have no relevance also. If you want to study deep friends, will find this website in addition to ranking in Shanghai, in 360, Sogou, Google are not ranked.

always love to the analysis of website ranking reason from the chain and content, according to my experience, there are a lot of wonderful love in Shanghai, the website ranking, more analysis is futile, the researchers summarized the following two kinds of special site.

second, Shanghai Aladdin participate in love website

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