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The website how to get good rankings in Google love Shanghai

now I do not know whether you still doubt this Shanghai Dragon Technology? Tell you, this is not cheating, this is a use of spider habits and regular love Shanghai, Google summed up, we do not believe, please continue to 2011-3-22 day is yesterday, through the efforts of optimization of the Google key words "Foshan friends" has ranked to second pages, please check Google.

In fact,

don’t worry, please continue to 2011-3-19 days after the optimization of Shanghai Dragon technology, Google has been ranked to third pages, please check Google.

can learn Shanghai Dragon Technology 3 minutes, and in a short month, make your website quickly ranking in Google Shanghai’s first love, this technology can give your site every day brings more than 10000IP traffic, a penny of the Shanghai Dragon Technology don’t spend you can get your website ranking in Google, Shanghai’s first love

you may have asked me, why do you range: 贵族宝贝niangyuan贵族宝贝/, ranking the first to write this article? Let me tell you, this is my main purpose to write this article out, is to you to help me check, I is how to help the website optimization "Foshan friends" this word to the first Google.

1, use blog titled your grandpa or your grandmother’s surname. Because the last generation name (with "special", which is a special name, they fall in love with Google sea is very very love this "special" things are included, but also to give it a very good seat. For example: >

I just found and are using Shanghai Dragon technology to optimize the site, and got very good ranking method! Now I was helping a website of Shanghai dragon natural search ranking task, first of all, you look at this website: 贵族宝贝niangyuan贵族宝贝, website name: brew edge network. She is a dating website. This website ranking keywords "Foshan friends" in 2011-3-7, Google is about fifteenth pages, please see Google check.

, now the number you still won’t make you very concerned, please continue to 2011-3-17, then after some Shanghai dragon on the technology optimization, keyword "Foshan friends" in Google ranking has risen to fourth pages, please check Google.

!This is

well, here’s how I used the Shanghai Dragon Technology Optimization:

now her ranking is not very significant, can say is not what rank, attention, is not what the March 7th ranking! Is not equal to no later ranking! You do not hurry, please continue to 2011-3-13 days after some technical optimization in Google has been ranked to seventh pages, please check Google.

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