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How to create a local talent website local talent network Shanghai Longfeng optimization process ana

Zhan Yan said that in the professional training of students in Jinke, pre-school will fill in personal information, the center will be based on the characteristics of each student, starting from the character and interest, will demand into a particular hobby, after a period of training, the training center will work according to the intention for students to make contact the students go on the road occupation. "The effect of this model is good at the moment, many students were satisfied with the center recommended subjects in the study also has a keen interest in learning and performance are very good. In terms of employment, as the theory foundation, strong ability, and approached the center business units on the quality of trainees is very satisfactory, in 2005, the employment rate in more than 90% students."

James arthritis believes that as a society, how to integrate the enterprise and society is the key. "Knowledge is only accepted, can be transformed into power." In the training, skill is on the one hand, the mind and the quality can also play a big role. "If a person’s heart is not perfect, even if the skill is again high, he cannot succeed in society. We must change the idea, from "outside" to "inside", cultivate suitable talents of social life."

it is understood that Jinke every year the quality of education and training of new students, cultivating students’ healthy and optimistic attitude and sense of cooperation, "we hope they understand, they will move towards the society, is not alone, but in a network of perplexing. At work, they do not fight a lone battle in a team, but. How to deal with the relationship between man and man, man and society, man and team, is we want to teach students." Zhan Yan said, "golden section in the scholarship is also very strict.

Yan Zhan said, with the continuous expansion of the overall quality of students has declined, interrupted between theory and practice, we abandon the traditional training theory to the practice mode, explore "theory after practice" teaching mode." Zhan Yan said that the traditional teaching mode and can help students understand the theory, and then into the actual ability, there is a disconnect between the two. "We pay more attention to this kind of teaching mode, cultivating students’ practical ability, in the process of the actual operation of the students, at the same time the theory into the practice, finally make a unified solution to the problems in practice. In this way, not only can effectively improve students’ practical ability, can deepen students’ understanding of the theory."



is to cultivate the talent needs of the community, cultivate ‘appropriate’ talents." Jinke Computer International Certification Center Deputy General Manager James Yan in an interview, clearly put forward the guiding principle of jinke. Zhan Yan said, Jinke training center attaches great importance to positioning of the students, guide the students to choose the most suitable for their own discipline. "Our goal is to build a bridge between students and enterprises, to provide training for students, provide the most competitive talents for enterprises."

to create excellent comprehensive talents

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