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How to improve the web page conversion rate and the amount of medical consultation website

believe that medical friends will be such a problem, especially for the medical industry, no conversion and advisory quantity equals no money. But it will do each page is perfect, even in the same industry, has been very good, but why not bring high conversion rate and the amount of consultation. How is this going? How to improve medical web page conversion and consulting is a common concern? Surely this thing, today I come to their own point of view briefly, inadequacies also hope predecessors.

2, how to make a website more credibility of your

so, what kind of patients would like to see what kind of website? For example, we operate the Department is a skin disease, but made a full page is in line with the gynecological style, the content provided by the same department which is the gynecology department, or other what are, and skin diseases the information is only a small part, then the user will keep going? So, when we pick any one department, the population analysis, need to know what style, what kind of collocation style, in order to achieve the final conversion rate and flow.

it is undeniable that the medical network marketing has coverage is large, the different sections of the marketing website is different, but basically have their own unique style. Moreover, the medical network marketing has many people to love, than the television advertising and the media cost should be low, but we need to consider the question is, how to improve the user browsing page conversion problem? How to let patients when browsing the web click consultation button, how to let patients spontaneously made medical inquiries is a special need to reflect, is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1, page design to see who

when we design a website, consider this page to see who? After all, we are not doing public hospital, not only to provide public information. Medical network marketing in doing, we must first consider how to attract patients, how can let the patient get the answer on your website, how can we let the experts online for patients with answers to the questions can also be timely to the hospital for treatment, if you say so, this process is clear. So, you must know that our page design is to see the patient.


this is an issue that is a lot of private sector concerns, after all we do in private hospitals, and private hospitals in the public reputation is relatively poor, because many unreasonable caused by the hospital, so that the whole market is very difficult. So, for the user, whether your website makes him feel reliable is very important, if that is reliable, he would often come to see, there will be questions directly consult our experts. However, if our website information is not reliable, the answer is not professional, so patients here can not find their own needs, will close the window. >

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