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Shanghai Longfeng late way where

the road of entrepreneurship, is a very difficult way, believe that every person, know the hardships, all know that entrepreneurs need more people to do, through the Shanghai dragon venture itself is using a technology, Shanghai dragon is their own, whether it is the foreground or background. But, early site does not require a large investment, there is only need to have a faith in myself, I believe I can do a good job, believe you can do it this way, more entrepreneurial, difficult, the author here has 2 ideas, we can provide reference.

1. through their ability to find some Shanghai Longfeng cofounded a studio, believe that this can be done, and now the Internet companies are like this, but, they are Shanghai dragon need to recruit, but, if you use the ability to establish Shanghai dragon words, then pull on some like-minded people together to do, to pick up a single, do, believe it can be done.

: first the road of resources

changing that is every person should understand that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon should be how to develop it, I believe that everyone has their own way to go, I believe everyone will need to adhere to their own Shanghai dragon road, but along this road, will face some direction. There must be some inevitable choice, need to make their own way, then the fork on the road facing, the author according to their own understanding to say, perhaps, there is a way for you.

2. independent

> Third

Road, the road is accumulated; resources, is to adhere to, when you continue to do Shanghai Longfeng do some degree of time, the hands should have huge resources, whether it is a large number of blogs, or high level forum account, or large favorites record or industry, these are their own doing go on and get out of the capital, which is just outside the chain, the road of resources lies in the chain network, and the optimization of enterprises, external resources have been very important, but this road is just the most main resources of the road, but continues, there will be a Shanghai dragon the concept of maturity, if a company firmly stay there, I believe there will be a certain return, will make a contribution to the company, the road of resources that in most of the network company of friends There will be. These friends through their own accumulation can better understand that Shanghai dragon, the optimization can be performed on the website of the whole.

second: the road of entrepreneurship

website, through a most simple market segment of a market through this website, the development of this one growth, through which a subdivision, independent from the top of that piece of day, to write a growth, and this one will be more opportunities after all, too many market segments, grab a point, and then magnify, will have their own piece of heaven.

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