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Alipay easy fast network termination of cooperation Yi Xun said the Department of the contract expir

an announcement yesterday, fast and easy net release, Alipay proposed party and not to renew the contract expires, thus the two sides will terminate the payment of cooperation. Yi Xun network said on Alipay’s decision expressed regret and respect. But Alipay did not give a response. This means that users can use Alipay fast and easy online shopping.

according to the easy fast network announcement, since at 18:38 on March 28, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay account to log on the website; since at 00:00 on March 31, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay site end payment orders; since at 00:00 on April 8, 2014, users will not be able to through the Alipay mobile phone payment terminal orders.

Yi Xun network said that for new users, can quickly login registration form fast and easy to use mobile phone, email account and register QQ account; in terms of payment, the user can choose to include cash on delivery payment, UnionPay, WeChat TT, online banking and money paid through other means of payment in the fast and easy net.

Although Alipay

on termination and easy fast network cooperative response is not given, but it is widely speculated that the network is fast and easy to integrate into the Jingdong. In March 10th, the Tencent strategic stake in Jingdong, and easy fast network as part of the dowry to the Jingdong, related business integration is now being led by Jingdong.

and interestingly, three years ago between Jingdong and Alipay also not to renew the contract expires grounds to terminate the CO payment. In 2011 August, the Jingdong announced that due to the expiration of the contract, Alipay will be fully disabled. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong in explaining the reasons for discontinuation of Alipay, Alipay at the rate is too high, the annual Jingdong to spend 5 million to 6 million yuan. But in fact, Liu Qiangdong is to create a version of Alipay Jingdong". 2012, Jingdong acquired third party payment institutions online banking online, gradually transformed into online banking wallet, and formally launched in March 8th this year. Jingdong said that the future Jingdong users shopping payment, cash management, consumer credit, investment and wealth management will be integrated in the online banking wallet, which means that the Jingdong already has its own "alipay".

insiders predicted that after the Alipay and easy fast network termination of cooperation, the next step will certainly be fast and easy network access to the Jingdong’s online banking wallet.

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