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Several reasons of news articles not included

news articles are generally have certain characteristics of advertising, the overall meaning of the paper is with a kind of brand planning, business promotion and advocacy, and the paragraph is very orderly, so it could modify more difficult, and we like the first language organization in an interactive, personalized way around, even if we may be of slightly modified, but love Shanghai search engine can still distinguish this article from where, so we put the article into the database search engine is not in a case, and this kind of article is love Shanghai is included with a certain degree of difficulty, so we modified on the basis of the range is very small, the search engine is not included behoove, so I We cannot helplessly to wait for the search engine included ~

as a company to optimize personnel, many editors will reflect recently, US business news article why can not be included? The title of the article, and reading is also modified, different from other types of articles are included, only the enterprise news article is not included, what it is. Why? A remain perplexed despite much thought. But for a promotion personnel, we should be aware of the search engine does not favor this kind of article, we should take what measures to deal with, I am responsible for the website of the international wine merchants wine business news articles published in time the 1 month long words are not to be included, according to this an example we specifically analysis of what causes

here is that we may all this article has been reproduced in many websites when publishing business news articles, so this time an article is a web site, even if we modify the search engine spider is not a fool, will be placed in the dumpster, even if we changed. But most of the content is the same, the search engines don’t put the same article into the database, so the result is not included.

Solution: ?

a few reasons on news articles not included

said here is the solution to the problem of my personal, we do not modify in the same article, the best in 2 or more than 2 articles to modify, so the search engine is also very difficult to recognize our original articles, and several articles to write comprehensive search engine can be more favored.

Two, the same

we can choose first on this news article title in Shanghai love inside the search in the release of the article, if there are many similar articles, as shown below, for example if there is a lot of below as the title of the article, but most description is similar, so we can give up this >

In fact, we all know .Solution:

, a news content advertising

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