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Shanghai dragon is not good to do how to look forward to my future


and some still do chat Shanghai dragon friends, often hear them complain, complain that they now love Shanghai’s impermanence, orders when you don’t know how to make a commitment to customers. I often have the same feeling, constantly changing love Shanghai, really bitter pit site optimization staff. After all, Shanghai Longfeng work is not to say that you try to do up the rankings, and sometimes, even if the rankings have done, they may also be overnight all stripped love Shanghai. Each Shanghai Longfeng employees every day a day is really very careful, take the money selling cabbage Quecao in the heart of selling heroin.

so, Shanghai dragon now what is the

to tell you the truth, now Shanghai Longfeng work is indeed more difficult, but if the Shanghai Dragon technology used to do their own projects, will There is a way out.

This is not my >

. A superb Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are good at network marketing must be

two. High enterprises willing to love is not willing to pay high price auction in Shanghai please Shanghai Dragon Technology


entered the Internet industry, is very optimistic about the industry, from the way of thinking, I personally think that there are so many websites, so and web related work for the market should be great.

three. Love Shanghai algorithm changes, Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult

The usual

and the website optimization work is completely rely on the computer to complete the work, and his childhood memories of the rich handsome IT work, feel very cool, so that when they choose the website optimization without thinking such a path.

why do I say, for the following reasons:

but I did not think of is, the website optimization work is indeed a market, but from the current point of view, this is not my idea of a good.

Shanghai Longfeng work development up to now, many techniques have been transparent, there are also many online tutorials, plus the Shanghai dragon this industry itself is not what the unified assessment criteria, so many people have seen the one or two tutorial will dare to say he is the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng work does not need what profound knowledge as a foundation, so the threshold is very low, many people just want to learn to enter such an industry.

. The threshold is low, everyone can do

Many business owners in my

contacts, they are willing to pay the price in Shanghai is not willing to have sex bidding please Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel. In their own words, many scammers love Shanghai, not a single auction can at least see website ranking is in front, but please do not score, often cheated a lot of money, therefore, for the network optimization personnel, they hit the heart, some rejection.

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