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Rational view of love in Shanghai during the transition period of Shanghai Longfeng guidelines to fo

, a search engine from the client into respect the user experience

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when the operation of the site is considered more web content more problems increased with the chain, and the content of construction quality and the construction of the chain quality is not within the scope of consideration, and now in love with Haitong humanized and scientific algorithm will be many problems into the algorithm. In the face of this situation, if site of the Shanghai dragon policy does not change, then love Shanghai will take down right on the site, even K station, so I love Shanghai in transition period, should also follow the principle of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai transformation of the necessary changes and optimization guidelines on how to face to talk about to change the site.


two, from the chain for the emperor into the king’s

user is the site development of productivity, and the previous search engines on the living that happened to turn the world upside down before the change, no matter what type of website is search engine based on client, what is what the search engine said, and now our website construction like user experience changes, should be from hao123 this simple navigation website started to have the user experience of the word, the hao123 website will some simple URLs together constitute a search channel, is such a simple channel is convenient for thousands of people, from the beginning of the Internet user experience is becoming the development of melody, and now more is this. Love in Shanghai will continue to change the algorithm mentioned with respect to the user experience, to promote the construction of website, why? Because I love Shanghai also felt the pressure of competition, when the user can not find the content they need in love in Shanghai, he can not go to other search engines to find content? So we are now the website must be based on respect for the user experience, not too concerned about search engine optimization, so that the basis of the success of the site is a natural optimization.

chain for the emperor the word appeared in the Shanghai dragon industry for many years, and now the word has gradually reduced its right to severe, the search engine algorithm now has become mature, the chain for the emperor in the policy now is not applicable, from posting machine, the beginning of the listserv. For a moment, the chain for the emperor the word loses its effect, if you want to love Shanghai without changing the algorithm, outside the more the chain to determine the site foundation, that is not to say that our chain is increasing every day tens of thousands of correct? It is not.

love Shanghai from the beginning of June to now has been in the transformation of update algorithm and service strategy continuously, from the beginning of the transition to the mandatory public now constantly, when love in Shanghai never change the optimization policy of any description will change, and now love Shanghai notice when changing algorithm upgrade will these instructions, regardless of whether it is true, at least love Shanghai changed, and the website of Shanghai dragon optimization policy whether to follow the transformation of Shanghai and love some transformation

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