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Talk about the original project that the origin of four feasible algorithm

May 16th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced the original spark program, the origin algorithm on-line prepared to fight a protracted war, which the webmaster website forum and QQ group discussion sound a lot, naturally there are people worry about joy. This algorithm will really have a big role? The original really ushered in the spring of

The similar degree of polymerization

two: release time, link by author, pointing, user comments.

when we have been writing original content, his website always insist on the original time, love Shanghai after a long period of observation will find that this is an original site, the author is a long-term original author. In the love of spiders in Shanghai impression, this is definitely a good site. This spider would love more and more here. But there is a problem, Shanghai love this long-term observation? The author, how long to be loved in Shanghai to agree? This problem is that we have been thinking about the problem, in fact, this is largely related to execution and. Remember when I use this name when the guardian Yuan Kun, love Shanghai.

many times the original content are change the author, also changed copyright links, but the release time this point should be determined. For this problem, stand in a row in the forum many friends reflect: the original first released on its website, because their website weight is not high, or perhaps that spiders are rarely included in the web, already published to the A5, the owners of the home, search outside, stand in a row and other sites, these high weight website will be included, the spider would certainly think that these sites are original. For this problem, the guardian suggested everyone to write original content, don’t bring forwarded to the page links to the webmaster nets station, with the link. Go down for a long time to improve the weight of their own website, let love Shanghai love your site, the spider in your site, nature will come first to see the original article on our website.

webmaster, you still Tucao others for you to copy and paste? Are you still tangled by others to change the original copyright? Don’t worry now, the origin of the algorithm has been officially launched, the original spark program is being implemented. In view of the Shanghai webmaster moment love dynamic, and love Shanghai every move will affect a batch of people, believe that the origin of the implementation of the algorithm and will hit a number of low quality sites. The feasible origin algorithm is believed to be the focus of discussion, the guardian today want to and that is the subject of discussion, personally think that there are four possible points of origin algorithm.


: a collection and original content through the polymerization degree of similarity.

content acquisition and original, the similar pages together as the original identification of candidate set. For the love of Shanghai database this should not be a problem, after all, is not the original content in the database, the new original content will largely be concerned about this point, I believe that not many people would question.

three: the history, the author and the original site of the forward trajectory

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