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Analysis of the details of three love Shanghai library drainage


recently a few friends asked me, love the Shanghai Library of the chain is not the site outside the chain of high quality. And my answer is that it can’t improve the keywords ranking, website weight, but it can help you drainage. Don’t look at the chain Library above can be included, but it on the website of the ascension is useless, at least I have for the library to do a month of the experiment proved that. It is because of this experiment, let me know another role – Library drainage. The following is the author of love for Shanghai library operation details:

three, LOGO and header title anchor text link

two, the title of the document with the long tail keywords


header is mainly for browsing the library, if there are 100 people 1 people remember our LOGO, that even if we succeed. While the headline anchor text links for downloading the document. According to a document downloads hits is 8% calculation, through download the document and click on the headline anchor text or a number, which reached us the purpose of flow.

, a master of time

love Shanghai library ranking mechanism is a bit different, it is often the library upload some new row on the home page first, which is why our new upload documents can have so many people to download. Then the updated document instead of your document, you can go to download a list of relevant documents. However, in order to users to search their own documents, we should grasp the title of the document, to the long tail keywords for the title, cast a wide net way to capture the visitors. The following are some of the document upload:


chain library, its ranking of the website keywords are not directly related to the weight of the website of indirect contact is. A site of PV increased, weight will be affected. So if you want to use the library construction outside the chain to do keyword ranking is not what effect. The original blog by Jia Xuelong 贵族宝贝jieyitonggo贵族宝贝 please indicate the source.

So for the

a lot of people say, do well the chain library. Usually upload a document for a long time to pass through the N. I started going through this stage, however, there is a period of time, it is a high pass rate. It is 8:30 in the morning to 10 at around this time, you can upload a document. The author at this time every day to upload 30 documents, the basic maintained at around 28.

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