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How do you think Alipay transfers of information search engines


exposure information transfer ?

started I could not believe it, but in accordance with the method of Moonlight blog in love in search of Shanghai " site:shenghuo.alipay贵族宝贝; " see, the collection is really amazing, as shown below. I have a collection of information, because it included in the home page, it is easy to see, I also love Shanghai specially click snapshot look, click into the personal payment information inside can see, arguably this is personal privacy information, Alipay should know, can’t let the spider to crawl. At first I thought it was a love of Shanghai, then in the noble baby also searched, found more than love Shanghai included, and this kind of information can also see, interested friends can go to look at the search.

today on micro-blog to see a very shocking information, not really do not know, a look startled, Alipay search engines since the transfer of information. Some people may ask, how is this going?

today to write this article of friends should be a lot of problems, I will not say, just want to talk to you your views on this matter. The first search engine Alipay transfer information, the problem is who? Is Alipay, or Alipay search engine, it is the HTTPS protocol transfer page URL, what is the HTTPS protocol, we know that HTTP is a 80 port access, most of the sites are taken to the HTTP protocol, and https:URL showed that it uses HTTP, but HTTPS is different from the default port HTTP and an encryption / authentication layer (between HTTP and TCP). The initial development of this system by Netscape Co, provides authentication and encryption communication method, which is now widely used on the world wide web security sensitive communications, such as payment transactions. Love Shanghai encyclopedia said, logically encrypted search engines cannot capture, and the HTTPS port is 443, how can the search engine to know this information? Isn’t it know HTTPS? Or just look at the spider robots file, there is no prohibition, I can grab. The surface is the search engine illegal, is it true? For the problem in the who, we first do not pursue you. Personal privacy information being exposed, Internet security issues more and more people think, from the security and privacy issues 360 to now Alipay also exposed the transfer of information, all of these problems can be said that the Internet is to blame. The Internet brings convenience to us, then, every thing has two sides, you see, personal information is exposed, so that we do.

transfer information came to light this problem? Many people may be afraid of the Internet.

transfer information came to light a

What do you think of the Alipay How to look at the Alipay Alipay

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