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Fate is always young North drift Shanghai dragon ER about Shanghai Dragon


13, network marketing (including Shanghai dragon) is "practice", but this does not mean that you do not need to learn the previous experience — of course must be learned, all must experience Teaching benefits teachers as well as students., through practice to verify their job, "to the letter as a Book – because he is relatively solid theoretical foundation. A careful person, just a few months, he became the first company in Shanghai dragon head.

26 years old and I had 13 short work to do in Shanghai Longfeng a company in Kunming, a year and a half ago he decided to "drift", first Shanghai dragon ER and Shanghai dragon supervisor in a Beijing Shanghai dragon company, then switched to a well-known domestic brand website of Shanghai Longfeng specialist. Before the Spring Festival I two short topic together, cannot do without Shanghai dragon.

about a year and a half "North drift" Shanghai dragon is the largest of 13 emotion experience, broaden their horizons. He said, dragon and network marketing in Shanghai the most exquisite practical experience. Although the original do Shanghai dragon in Kunming, poring over books – even ZAC et al home care when the nephew will always enjoy it; but because the contact site less, a single type, the lack of a variety of different site emergency treatment experience abnormal phenomenon, is completely empty talks — for example the original company website hosting does not support web site log even the web log are not seen.

13 said, now the search engine to the brand website tilt trend is more and more obvious. Therefore, considering the flow rate, the conversion rate of Shanghai dragon also should be considered long-term website traffic and conversion rates (website brand strategy), not only stared at the amount collected, keywords ranking floating – not only because the search engine traffic is not stable, people under the eaves, which can not bow "; but because search engine.

13 said, was in Kunming, Shanghai dragon is the ranking, flow. To Beijing, gradually came to know that a healthy web traffic from search engine traffic, loyal user traffic and network to promote the import flow (i.e., the website chain promotion into the effective flow, so the chain produced a large number of clicks not only to direct traffic, and with real action, Shanghai dragon) must try to reduce the search drainage proportion. Let the diversification of web traffic source, the website can be a healthy development, but also can really do a good job in Shanghai dragon.


I came to the world, surely this must be 13 "at the beginning of the voice of

in the first Beijing Shanghai dragon company, within 8 months of 13 to complete the more than 40 site optimization, which also makes pressure as can be imagined, he learned knowledge is where the Shanghai Dragon – he constantly put previously learned book knowledge into practice, repeated exploration, analysis of data constantly thinking, when facing new problems, and users to explore, to consult the experts around. In this way, not only their own achievements, at the same time, Shanghai dragon skills "Zhimakaihua rising high, rising confidence in the imperceptibly.

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