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For the interpretation of content is king, the chain for the emperor

recently I found that love love Shanghai in addition to the original article, he often had to change, in order to win the love of Shanghai’s favor, writing is like a chef, you sincerely do radish, Chinese cabbage and eggplant, again, there is no innovation, if you are a diner, do you have any appetite? As you are lighting website, from time to time point furniture in it, do not deviate from the directions.

chain for the emperor

then the role of the chain is reflected in where? We all know that there are a lot of selling the chain online, this kind of thing is if the chain high weight high correlation to improve website weight and the PR value is still very useful, especially Links and anchor text to improve the ranking function, but it is not to spend a lot of energy to the above, or to spend big price to buy the chain. In fact, the most significant is the role of the chain site included whenever you fell sharply on the verge of being K>

content is king

Shanghai dragon all know this line "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, but the "King" and "King" in the end what is important, how important is, not everyone has a correct understanding. I told you in my long-term practice, the content is more important than the chain. Why do I say that, just a simple example, if the site is an army or team, that included is the soldiers and the players, is the chain of foreign aid, foreign aid can play no small role, but you can’t fight or play on foreign aid to call you.

to my site to the authority of the company network, since May of last year, the chain rose sharply, has lasted two or three months, most of the time to reach more than 30000, but the chain is not so much on my keywords ranking has played a significant role to maintain the original position is almost motionless. But when included in October last year exceeded one thousand, the situation had changed, I pushed the main keywords "in long-term health care products company", "health care products brand" and "vitamin E soft capsule and finally rose to the first page, the former even occupy the top three. On the 28 day of the month, I do not know why suddenly included less than more than 600, this time, my keyword ranking dropped, hit me really is not small. So, included in a website, which plays a decisive role.

want to have good included must have good content, because now the search engine more and more intelligent, in 08 years, you to "mobile phone", the one hundred "mobile phone", like "articles", love the sea Zhaoshou not by accident, and now you go fool. I even found that even the pseudo original love, Shanghai is becoming more and more love. My site included drop, probably because I love Shanghai tired of the kind of content similar to the false original article, so, if you do not raise the original degree, want to improve the collection has been very difficult.

included role is not only the main keywords ranking, but also rely on a huge number of long tail words included to maintain.


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