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Website optimization FAQ four why the website included only home page

5, the content of low quality. Collection content too much or is a mirror image of someone else’s site, the thief collection site.

What are the reasons for the

6, the mass chain, the chain group general will cause a lot of garbage outside the chain to the site instantly, resulting in decline in the search engine website image line in mind, at the same time, trust also declined, until the drop right or be K.

9, Links. Mainly refers to the website of the other side is down right or be K the same.

site is new. Can you understand about this, because the new station will undergo a review period, usually lasts for one to three months, good performance during this period will be shortened, bad performance would have been only included the home page, even if the inside pages included will be released.

2, ROBOTS setting error. This situation I encountered at the same time, set up two ROBOTS. A page in a directory in the root directory, a content page link to the shield, so let the site only included the home page. We take the time to check the setting of ROBOTS.

site only included the home page

4 website security. Often let others hung dark chain or horse, also is the cause of the site only included the home page.

7, the content page is not conducive to the spider crawling, too much advertising, no leakage, FLASH code picture ALT tag will hinder the spider crawling inside pages, crawling not naturally can not crawl will not have included.

chat in front of three aspects of Shanghai Longfeng FAQ: "why not be included," new "website snapshot update" why not, "pseudo original articles included" why not come today, look at the home page included problems. The website snapshot only included many owners in the forum post asked, but most of the answers are stick to the original, increase the chain like answer. In fact, I think the main reason only included the home page or website is not conducive to spider crawling or site also not recognized by the search engine, but the main reason is because the search engine website found the dump, the only included and not included in the page, there are other reasons, such as low content quality the inside pages, is not conducive to spider crawling and so on. The reason is very much, but relatively speaking, some small details will also let website was only included the home page. So, on the site only included the home page on the issue, the author found that reason is very important, when there is a reason to solve it quickly after. Below followed the author to see only included the reason and how to solve.

There are hidden dangers,

8, the optimization of cheating. The inside pages use hidden links, text color and the background of the same font size, are caused by the inside pages are not included, only included the home page.

3, the site where the server or space due to the unstable when the search engine spiders to visit your site, often not open.


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