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Webmaster easy to make the 5 Shanghai dragon error


we know that the main role is to emphasize the H1 tag content to the page, the search engine also attaches great importance to this label. "

is the core of the search engine ranking algorithm, there is no a few people know exactly, even if the search engine quality engineer is responsible for their own know that one, we do Shanghai dragon website optimization, only according to their own experience or observation to master some information, since we can’t grasp all the search engine ranking information, then we will take Shanghai dragon mastery factors to try to do, in order to maximize the effect of Shanghai dragon. However, many webmaster in some very common problems, or do not fine, listed below, a few mistakes in general easily committed.

this is a problem for many webmasters are easy to ignore, in fact many websites are more or less there are some HTML errors, some problems of no great importance does not matter, but there are still many HTML errors must be avoided, for example, the label closed, even if a label forgot to close, but we still can browser the normal display, the browser will have error correction function, although it is good for the user experience, some errors occurred in HTML, the browser can display normal, but this is often made us do Shanghai dragon eyes, the search engine will parse the HTML tag, and the page of each section it can also be identified, as an important, if you forget the HTML tag closed, will block judgment on the search engine to cause misunderstanding, It can not judge the weight of a normal block, thus affecting your Shanghai Longfeng effect, so we cannot neglect the label closed, we promote W3C verification tools to check their own code, to rectify the wrong. But this tool is free.

2, an important content on the AJAX

1, HTML label forgot closed

3, H1 tag abuse

AJAX has been widely applied in web design, it can create a lot of beautiful pages, and the interaction on the website and server is also a very good technology, in the pages of a piece of change, not the whole page to the server request, but only need to change parts a request to the server, which improves the loading speed, enhance the user experience, in which AJAX technology does not, but if you mistake some important content in the framework of AJAX, that for your Shanghai Longfeng effect is caused by the mission, because the AJAX in the framework of content, like like the JS, not by the search engines to crawl, if you think your title, description and some important internal links are placed in the AJAX, then you will play the Shanghai dragon effect Discount, now make such a mistake of many sites, including some well-known B2C site.

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