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Your mouth is the network marketing of Shanghai dragon

?What is the network marketing

no Shanghai Longfeng, we do

I think the meaning of network marketing is to do the promotion, buy things on the internet. But the network marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is just one method that is actually a good door, should be in many promotion methods are used in the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng inside as to pave the way. But the network marketing way there are many, for example: the popular WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, forum marketing, QQ group marketing and so on! All of Zhang Shoujin does not mean that the network marketing of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon well does not mean to do network marketing, this is a misunderstanding of many enterprises.

is a way of network marketing in Shanghai dragon is the dissemination of information. A lot of Shanghai dragon once Er site is down right or be K back to the night before liberation. The recovery of the words is not a day for two days, if it is three months did not return it, then it means that three months have no income? Here take an example, pen.


think well site can promote

many people even think a lot of enterprises as long as do the site will be able to promote the image of a website, actually just only, if there is no promotion out, will be useless. But if you spread out, there is traffic, but cannot keep users, not trading. It can not be called network marketing. Because you have not reached your goal, not profitable, did not sell out. All in the site before or have a lot of knowledge in it. For example: the structure of the site design, art design have good planning, to highlight the website selling point, highlight the brand authority

released the promotion of information about


er for Shanghai dragon we almost have such experience, when new friends asked us to do what we are saying is the industry to do so to answer Shanghai dragon?, some people do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, is to eat, or play. If the answer is to do network marketing, I believe many people who know, but the problem arises in your mouth, network marketing is the so-called Shanghai dragon

many companies have hired a lot of specialist is called the chain commissioner. Every day on the Internet to create a lot of garbage, for a chain. I said before, we do not go to the Shanghai dragon chain for the chain and. We released the chain more is to get outside of the chain at the same time, and the user can enter our website through this chain, and finally achieve the result that we want. The chain extension will be like this more valuable. Although love Shanghai now hit soft, but as long as we provide users with valuable information that is not soft Never mind much. On the contrary if garbage manufacturing blindly, will make love Shanghai more resentment and release of information will not help.

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